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Best Recruiting Software For Small Business

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Without JuggleHire

  • Searching countless tools
  • Poor communication
  • Future Dilemma
  • Collaboration confusion
  • Fight to manage mass data
  • Hard to build team

With JuggleHire

  • One-stop Hiring Solution
  • Build Professional Relationship In Every Step
  • 100% Tracking
  • Collaborate with your colleagues
  • Keep track of all your data in one place
  • Grow Your Team on demand

Easiest Job Posting.

Immediately find the right candidate as you post a job. Our extensive features will excite the talent who is perfect for the exact position you’re hiring.

  • In-Detail Job Offer
  • Collect Information Like Pro
  • Pick True Talent From The Mess
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Job Information

Post the job on your platform, sharing useful details to attract skilled candidates.

Candidate Information

Collect required information and always make the right decision analyzing the overloaded data.

Automated Screening

Automatically eliminate unqualified candidates. Take charge of risk-free hiring today.

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Identical Company Career Portal.

Want to make an unforgettable first impression by creating a professional signature? Separate your brand image that candidates find resonating.

  • Create Brand Signature
  • Collect Information Like Pro
  • Pick True Talent From The Mess
Unique Company Portal

Professionally display the company standard. Create lasting impressions in the talented mind.

Captivating Company Gallery

Visually showcase company culture, vision, mission, workforce, & everything to create value.

Open Jobs

Presenting all the current job openings will attract talent and guarantee credibility.

Advanced Candidate

Sort, analyze, and finalize the candidates, measuring the core competency based on your expectations. Stop overpromising, and never hire an incompetent candidate whatsoever.

  • Automatically Summarize Data
  • Collect Information Like Pro
  • Pick True Talent From The Mess
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Auto-Candidate Discovery

Get only efficient candidates to join the team using "Efficient Candidate Discovery.

First-track Filtering

Filter location, skill, expertise, experience, and everything you feel is urgent for business.

Candidate Scoreboard

Using competency analyzing tools to uncover the candidate's capabilities in a second.

Authority Communication

Authority Communication.

Build a positive, memorable experience with every candidate. Keep them informed every step ahead. Let every talent feel like they're already part of your vibrant team.

  • Communicate Professionally
  • Build a Positive Reputation
  • Builds Brand Credibility
Automated Email Sender

After getting an application, automatically reply with "Application Received" through a single click.

Respectable Rejection

Use auto "Rejection Email" from our custom- build template for the incompetent talents.

Real-time Application

Share what's happening inside and update the hiring process with the candidate.

Simplest Interview Scheduling.

Effortlessly coordinate interviews whenever you need. Shorten the hiring process when getting the best to boost your bottom-line productivity.

  • Save Countless Hours
  • Maintain Transparency Everywhere
  • Errorless Data-Based Decision
Simple Interview Calendar
Integrated Calendar

Easily sync the calendar to double your interview booking and scheduling.

Stay Updated

Set up automated notifications for both employers and candidates to stay informed.

Communication Tracking

Track everything, from the beginning of the contact to the final feedback.

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Ditch spreadsheets, welcome productivity. Switch to JuggleHire for a blend of simplicity and efficiency in your hiring process.

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Innovative Technology

The Life Of

  • Small Business Owner
  • Recruitment Specialist
  • Startup Team Lead
  • Department Head
  • Founder
  • Hiring Manager
  • Freelancer
  • Operation Manager
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Simplify Hiring

Why Businesses Like You
Choose JuggleHire

  • No Hiring Headache
  • No Data Dilemma
  • No Talent Scarcity

A to Z History Tracking

Trace candidates effortlessly with comprehensive history tracking.

Professional Representation

Radiate professionalism in every job posting.

Efficient Organization

Simplify candidate review for seamless decision-making.

Productive Workflow

Customize hiring stages for maximum productivity.

Permanent Productivity Booster

10X your efficiency with virtual hiring from anywhere.

Start It Free

Start hiring with a free account and upgrade seamlessly.

Efficient Organization

Simplify candidate review for seamless decision-making.

Free will Customization

Tailor application forms to fit your unique requirements.

Built-in Communication

Communicate effectively with ready-made templates for various stages.

A Symphony of Satisfaction

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“JuggleHire is the perfect fit for the recruiter I aspire to be. Its user-friendly interface allows me to hire swiftly, making it my top choice”

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Abdul Mannan

CEO, SpaGreen Creative

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“As a fast-growing startup COO, JuggleHire’s intuitive interface and collaborative features have tripled our recruiting efficiency. Highly recommend for streamlined hiring!”

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Nabil Choudhury

COO @ Dorik

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Never! Every update we make will automatically adjust your current plan. You just enjoy the latest version, yet the price will remain the same.

JuggleHire constructs the most creative coding structure that secures the data itself. As you start using our requirement software, you'll get a totally personalized system where only you have access and who you'll approve. Even we can't access your data without your approval. Anytime you want to cancel the plan, delete it with a single click. Otherwise, it will automatically delete after 30 days.

Yes. We bring the most updated requirements technology on the planet earth exits before. We're also open to taking our customers' suggestions if there is any way we can improve your hassle-free hiring journey.

100%! Whether you are a tech guy or have no clue about technology, you can still manage it. Because it's as simple as school kids can use. If you still have any challenges with using the software, see the guideline videos or ask to the support to become a master at it within an hour or less.

Simply go to the dashboard. Click the setting under the category list. See "Cancel My Plan". It will automatically stop your account. You don't need to talk to anyone about this at all.

Yes, this is one of the best recruiting software for small business. 

Best recruiting software for small business

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Best recruiting software for small business