5 May 2024

What's Changed:

JuggleHire v0.26.0: Redefining Possibilities & Forging Ahead with Unparalleled Enhancements

JuggleHire Release V.0.23.0
New Feature Added
  • Gmail Integration:

    Seamlessly manage emails within our platform, boosting productivity.

  • Introduction of Pricing Plans with Lemon Squeezy Integration:

    Flexible plans integrated with Lemon Squeezy for hassle-free transactions.

  • Custom Domain Feature Added to the Career Page:

    Showcase your brand with a custom domain, attracting top talent with a professional touch.

Major Improvements
  • Enhanced Team Collaboration UX:
    Experience smoother communication and collaboration with revamped features.
  • Onboarding Checklist Redesign:
    Simplified onboarding with a fresh design, ensuring a seamless process for all.
  • Revamped Interview Schedule Listing:
    Enjoy a sleek interface for managing interview schedules, optimizing the hiring process.
  • Streamlined Email Management:
    Access candidate communication conveniently within their profile, enhancing efficiency.
  • Enhanced Sign-up Experience:
    Navigate a smoother and more intuitive sign flow for effortless platform entry.
  • Improved Team Management Styling:
    Experience cleaner aesthetics and enhanced usability in the team delete section.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fix: Broken Job Create Form when salary type is competitive
  • Fix: Job Posting Input Validation
  • Fix: Redirection Route After Saving Checklist & Markings
  • Fix: Notification Bugs from multiple organizations
  • Fix: Datepicker Issue on manual candidate modal
5 March 2024

Epic Evolution: Transformative Changes Await

JuggleHire v0.23.0: Redefining Possibilities & Forging Ahead with Unparalleled Enhancements

JuggleHire Release V.0.23.0
New Feature Added
  • Google Calendar as an Integration:

    Effortlessly sync your personal Google Calendar with our platform for bidirectional scheduling page integration.

  • Google Meet as an Integration:

    Introducing seamless integration: effortlessly link your Google Meet account for automatic meeting generation when scheduling your next candidate interview

  • Applicant's Past History on Applications Page:

    Unlock the power of streamlined efficiency: Access your applicant's entire history directly from the current job application page with a single click.

  • Other's Dynamic Integration in the Pipeline:

    Expanded capabilities: Now seamlessly integrate Dynamic integration with popular platforms such as Gmail, Slack, Zapier, and Zoom.

Fixes and Improvements
  • chore: Added SSO login in productlift feedback
  • style: Padding size on career page
  • chore: Redesigned apply form boolean type select
  • chore: Encryption support for integration configurations
  • chore: Separated career page settings
  • fix: Template email body content issue
  • fix: Job invite url not found issue
  • fix: Re-approve user when no approval needed
  • fix: Status filtering bugs
  • chore: Updated onboarding options role & source
  • chore: Added section on dashboard with getting started video
  • chore: Hide save draft button when job is published
  • chore: Improved social login and password reset functionality
  • fix: Apply form dropdown and fixed date input in manually add candidate
  • fix: Checklists saving issue
  • refactor: Updated checklist and markings in candidate card
  • refactor: Updated job delete issue (discard)
  • fix: Issue for empty question validation
  • fix: Applicants page tour 404 error
  • fix: Security issues in candidate CV or resume upload
  • refactor: Updated notification on benefit auto-save
  • content: Sidebar and benefits section content updated
  • content: Setting page content has been updated
  • content: Job posting content updated
  • content: App tour content updated

Enhancement Chronicles: February 2nd Release Notes

JuggleHire v0.16.0: Stability & Fixes Update - Smoother Experience Guaranteed

JuggleHire Release Hero Image
New Feature Added
  • Marks & Checklist quick preview:

    Now you will get the latest update of the applicant directly from quick preview in card.

  • Added OAuth 2.0 Support for diverse integration:

    In Now you can navigate to developers settings and create OAtuh application and api token for you.

  • Added OAuth 2.0 Support for diverse integration:

    In Now you can navigate to developers settings and create OAtuh application and api token for you.

Fixes and Improvements
  • fix: Company button fixed on job details page
  • fix: Required field in custom questions made clickable
  • fix: Improvement to add candidate modal
  • fix: Admin & user notification issue resolved
  • chore: Changed job URL from slug to ID
  • fix: Resolved staging issue for good-fit after hiring
  • chore: Simplified company profile
  • fix: Addressed apply form issue
  • refactor: Updated default image, title, and description for SEO
5 February 2024

Elevate Your Productivity with the Latest Release – Packed with Enhancements and a Streamlined Experience!

Get 0.13.0: Elevating Efficiency for Busy Founders with Seamless Social Login, Grouped Notifications, and a Symphony of Enhancements!

JuggleHire Release Hero Image
New Feature Added
  • Social Logins:

    Now we can easy login to our application using your favourite social media as OAuth

  • Group-Wise Notification for Application Form:

    Stay organized and informed with grouped notifications for application forms, streamlining your communication and ensuring you never miss a crucial update.

  • Auto-Saving Job Posting:

    Effortlessly create and manage job postings with the new auto-saving feature, ensuring your progress is always preserved.

Fixes and Improvements
  • chore: Improvement on the Social Meta Image Generator
  • chore: Updating slug generating in job model
  • fix: Job og image title case to default provided text
  • fix: Mail font size issue solved
  • fix: Job details accessible with Job ID
  • chore: Added rejected column at the end
  • chore: Added job expired message
  • chore: Updated background for jobs social preview
  • chore: Resized branding logo in public pages
  • fix: Manually adding candidate
  • fix: Domain verification
  • refactor: Pdf button dropdown
  • fix: Job search URL with ID and slug
  • refactor: Modified notification panel read/unread jd 133
  • fix: Accept above minimum requirements from screening questions
  • chore: Added auto filter rejection automated test
  • fix: Fixed CSS issue and saving button issue
  • typo: Updated to Talent Pool from contact
  • style: Resized and removed hidden & hover effect
  • chore: Rename stage to pipeline
  • chore: Job posting improvements and editing mismatch
  • fix: Job-details URL issue solved from mail
  • fix: Added dropdown of predefined
  • fix: Spelling mistakes & added all job link in dashboard
  • fix: Stage switching with upcoming
  • chore: Replaced no Saved Note with textarea
  • chore: Remove no checklist and markings - jd 197
  • fix: Validate message for file changed
  • fix: Added scroll in the add candidate modal
  • refactor: Redirection on description is working with nofollow
  • fix: Checked for verified custom domain
  • chore:Added in progress message in Domain Settings
  • fix: Logical issue fixed, UX updated
  • style: UI and Content improvements
  • chore: Notification design and icon modification
  • fix: Added underline on text editor
  • chore: Added accordion in custom question answers
  • refactor: URL now redirecting to Website Link
  • fix: Candidate name in schedule
  • fix: Checklist & marking issue
  • chore: Updated application received email content
  • fix: Mark as closed & reopen jobs issue
  • chore: Reload when dummy data created
12 January 2024

Embracing Challenges, Igniting Potential, Soaring Towards Success.

Get v0.10.1 - Unveiling Stunning Auto-Generated Open Graph Images for Profiles and Jobs.

JuggleHire Release Hero Image
New Feature Added
  • Auto-Generated Social Preview for Profiles and Jobs:

    Receive new social preview images for your company profile and each job.

  • Add Benefits to Your Company Profile:

    Easily share and organize your company benefits in a clean and efficient manner.

    Add Benefits to Your Company Profile
Fixes and Improvements
  • fix: Updated SEO meta tags for company pages
  • fix: Improved users filter by date in admin panel
  • chore: Enhanced job SEO opengraph image
  • fix: Added replyTo email as company email & cleaned up job apply success page
  • chore: Updated company public profile design
  • style: Improved company profile description
15 December 2023

Building Momentum, Preparing for the Next Big Leap.

Get JuggleHire v0.9.0 - Stability and Fixes Update: Resolving Bugs for a Smoother Experience

JuggleHire Release Hero Image
New Feature Added
  • Delete Draft Job:

    Simplify your experience—clean up your job board by easily removing draft jobs with just a click on the three dots.

  • Filter Job based on Status:

    In All Jobs Page Now you can save your time filtering OPEN, CLOSED or DRAFT jobs.

Fixes and Improvements
  • fix: updated SEO meta tags for company pages
  • fix: domain verification error fixed
  • fix: profile image upload and save button not working
  • fix: domain accepts without https
  • fix: apply form not showing status after applied
  • chore: email content updated
  • chore: updated default preselected value from setup steps
  • chore: added recaptcha activation for welcoming real users
  • chore: responsiveness update in jobs page
12 December 2023

Continuous improvement for standard & stability

Meet JuggleHire v0.7.0 - daily updates making us more confident, we have 4 new features and regular improvements

JuggleHire Release Hero Image
New Feature Added
  • Multiple Email Invitations:

    Enhanced collaboration with the introduction of multiple email invitations.

  • Onboarding Checklist:

    Implemented a checklist to guide new users through the platform setup.

  • Product Tour Guide Integration:

    Integrated a Product Tour Guide to assist users in navigating the platform.

  • Invitation Reminders:

    Implemented reminders for non-signed-up users within the next 3 days.

Fixes and Improvements
  • Fixed: Enhanced job public page layout and button functionality.
  • Fixed: Resolved issues with the inbox.
  • Fixed: Notification errors & mark as seen.
  • Fixed: Resolved unique validation error when creating a new team.
  • Fixed: Styling issues with bullet and numbered lists in circular details.
  • Fixed: Addressed issues with job deadlines and status.
  • Fixed: Resolved closed job duplication status error.
  • Fixed: Issues with the deadline count.
  • Fixed: Apply form optional parameters are now truly optional.
  • Fixed: Domain verification issues.
  • Fixed: Corrected salary format mismatch on candidate listing page.
  • Fixed: Resolved notification errors and added test cases.
  • Fixed: Rescheduling error on the schedule page.
  • Fixed: Email layout issues & Content.
  • Fixed: Resolved settings page issues.
  • Fixed: Optimized queries and fixed dashboard count mismatch.
  • Fixed: Addressed issues with markings and questions.
  • Fixed: Fixed apply form custom question-saving issues.
  • Fixed: Rejected candidates are now pushed to the bottom of the list.
  • Fixed: Prevented applicants from different teams from searching.
  • Fixed: Resolved job application errors.
  • Fixed: Apply form issues and company profile photo CSS.
  • chore: Improved role description text.
  • chore: Updated job creation email texts.
  • chore: Updated candidate listing page texts.
  • chore: Improved page titles and text content.
  • chore: Ordered jobs by status.
  • chore: Alignment and responsive issues.
  • chore: Updated company setting labels.
  • chore: Made text corrections and left-aligned buttons.
  • chore: Added job list to the dashboard.
  • chore: Removed pre-selected options from job create forms.
  • chore: Team invitation emails now include a single button.
  • chore: Added local environment checks, fixed typos and fonts.
24 November 2023

JuggleHire in New Heights!

Meet JuggleHire v0.1.0 - this is our very first release with 5 new features

JuggleHire Release Hero Image
New Feature Added
  • Custom Domain:

    You can add your own domain from the settings. To do this, you need to verify your domain name following instructions.

  • Contacts Page:

    In the sidebar navigation, you now have a single place to manage your contacts. You can quickly check all of your applicants' details from this centralized location.

  • Demo Data Generation:

    Generate demo data for initial testing and checking, and remove it when no longer needed.

  • Reorder Gallery Images:

    Now, from the settings page, you have the ability to change the order of the uploaded images in the gallery. This allows you to display them on your public page exactly how you want.

  • Help Chat Widget:

    Get instant support from our expert team members who are always ready to help you with our application and guide you on how to get the best out of it.

Fixes and Improvements
  • Fix: 500 error on the schedule page.
  • Fix: Generating Social Previews for Job Posts.
  • Fix: Refer friend feature.
  • Fix: Phone number input in apply page.
  • Improve: Icons in the job posting form builder.
  • Fix: Tab active state in settings page.
  • Fix: Individuals invited through email using the 'Refer friend' or 'Team Member' option will not need to validate their email again.
  • Fix: Ambiguous salary range in public pages.