JuggleHire candidate inbox: your central hub for streamlined hiring

JuggleHire's Candidate Inbox provides a centralized and organized platform to streamline your hiring process, saving you time and frustration.

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Here's what jugglehire's candidate inbox offers


‚Äč‚ÄčCentralized candidate management

Quickly create and publish new job postings with our user-friendly interface.


Effortless pipeline movement

Seamlessly move candidates through each hiring stage with a drag-and-drop interface.


Candidate assessment at your fingertips

Rate and shortlist candidates based on their suitability for the role.


Smart tagging

Organize candidates efficiently with customizable tags to categorize their skills and experience.


Detailed notes

Capture important details about each candidate’s interview performance or qualifications

Collaborative hiring

Shared candidate profiles

Share candidate profiles with your team members for a complete picture of each applicant.

Real-time activity tracking

Monitor who on your team has viewed or interacted with a candidate profile, ensuring everyone stays on the same page.

Internal communication tools

Leave notes directly on candidate profiles to share feedback and insights with your team.

Collaborative decision making

Work together as a team to assess candidates, shortlist top performers, and make informed hiring decisions.

Communication made easy

Centralized communication

View all email communication with each candidate in one thread, eliminating the need to search through multiple channels.

Manual candidate addition

Add candidates who apply directly or through other sources to your pipeline.

Rejection automation

Send personalized rejection emails efficiently, saving you time and maintaining professionalism

Collaborator management

Grant access and manage permissions for your team members to ensure everyone can access relevant candidate information.

Benefits of JuggleHire's Candidate Inbox

Improved hiring efficiency

Streamline your hiring process from one central location.

Enhanced team collaboration

Share candidate info, collaborate, and together.

Informed decisions

Clear candidate overviews with profiles, notes, feedback.

Positive candidate experience

Maintain clear communication & keep candidates informed.

Stop wasting time juggling
spreadsheets and inboxes

JuggleHire’s Candidate Inbox puts you in control of your hiring process and empowers your team to collaborate effectively.