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Tired of juggling multiple tools for your hiring process? JuggleHire integrations streamline your workflow by connecting your favorite apps and services.

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Here's how JuggleHire integrations help

Effortless communication

Branded emails (SMTP)

Ditch generic email addresses! Send personalized emails directly from your company account for a professional touch.

Gmail integration

Use your familiar Gmail workspace to connect with candidates and keep communication flowing.

Scheduling made easy

Google calendar sync

Keep your interview schedule organized and avoid double-booking. Seamlessly sync your interview times with Google Calendar.

Google meet integration

Conduct virtual interviews with ease. JuggleHire integrates with Google Meet for a smooth and professional interview experience.

Automation power


Unlock endless possibilities! Automate tasks and workflows across JuggleHire and other apps you use with Zapier.

Streamlined collaboration

Slack integration

Connect your Slack workspace with JuggleHire for a centralized hub for hiring discussions and updates with your team.

JuggleHire integrations help you

Save valuable time

Eliminate the need to switch between multiple platforms.

Boost efficiency

Streamline hiring and accelerate productivity

Communicate better

Keep candidates and your team in the loop.

Empower your team

Work together effectively with collaborative features.

Supercharge Your Hiring with
Powerful Integrations

Integrate JuggleHire with your existing apps to streamline workflows and save time. Start exploring JuggleHire integrations today!