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No more juggling multiple apps. Replace your manual hiring process  with our all in one collaborative hiring software.

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Are you losing out on potential clients
due to delayed hiring decisions?

Don't let outdated hiring methods hold your agency back. Break free from the cycle of wasted time and missed opportunities.

Are you drowning in a sea of resumes and applications?

Do you constantly switch between multiple tools just to manage your hiring process?

Is it a struggle to keep your team on the same page when collaborating on hiring decisions?

The cost of a messy hiring process

 A disorganized recruitment system doesn't just waste time, it can seriously impact your agency's growth and reputation.

Missed Out on Top Talent

A messy hiring process can cost you top talent. While you're wrestling with inefficiency, your competitors are snapping up the best candidates.

Damaged Employer Brand

Disorganized communication and a lack of transparency during the hiring process leave a bad impression on qualified candidates. 

Wasted Time & Resources

Manual data entry, scheduling, and communication eat away at your team's valuable time. Free up your team to focus on growing your agency.

Stress & Frustration

Chasing down information, managing disconnected tools, and dealing with communication breakdowns wastes your team's energy and impacts overall productivity.

Missed opportunities

Highlight how a disorganized process delays filling open positions, potentially leading to missed deadlines, project delays, and lost revenue.

Hidden costs

Every day of delay means another agency is building their dream team, leaving you playing catch-up. You could be losing out on potential clients due to delayed hiring decisions.

There's a Better Way to Hire. Introducing JuggleHire.

JuggleHire is the all-in-one recruitment software designed to streamline your agency's hiring process, attract top talent, and empower your team to build a dream team.


​​Effortless Hiring

Manage everything in one user-friendly platform. No more switching tools or losing track of applications.


Dream Team Collaboration

Facilitate smooth communication and team alignment for seamless hiring decisions.


Attract Top Talent

Impress candidates with a modern, efficient application process that showcases your agency as a top employer.


Accelerate Growth

Automate tedious tasks and free up your team to focus on building an incredible team and serving your clients.


Data-Driven Decisions

Make informed hiring decisions with valuable insights and analytics from JuggleHire’s reports.


Focus on the Future

Eliminate chaos and build a strong, successful team with JuggleHire, the better system for managing talent acquisition

JuggleHire: your all-in-one hiring toolkit

Simplify your hiring process with JuggleHire's powerful features designed for busy agencies. Attract top talent, collaborate effectively, and build a dream team - all within one user-friendly platform.


Auto Collect Candidate Information through built-in Form Builder

Simplify Application Process, Attract More Candidates

Design and customize application forms in minutes

Collect vital candidate information effortlessly

Reduce manual data entry and save valuable time


Filter Irrelevant Candidates on the fly

Find the Perfect Fit Faster with Powerful Filtering

Streamline your search with advanced filtering options

Streamline your search with advanced filtering options

Reduce time spent reviewing unsuitable applications


Send emails from your company-branded email

Build trust and professionalism with branded communication

Maintain a consistent brand image throughout the hiring process

Communicate directly with candidates from your agency email address

Enhance the candidate experience and build trust


Collaborate with your team for smooth hiring operation

seamless teamwork for smarter hiring decisions.

Assign tasks and track progress within JuggleHire

Make informed hiring decisions together

Reduce manual data entry and save valuable time


Schedule interviews with ease In-person or online both options available

Schedule Interviews like a pro - online or in-person

Design and customize application forms in minutes

Collect vital candidate information effortlessly

Reduce manual data entry and save valuable time


Customizable career page to attract top talent

Showcase your agency & attract the best with a
customized career page

Design a visually appealing and informative career page

Highlight your agency's culture and values.

Attract top talent looking for the perfect fit

Trusted by the best

300+ of the best agencies, tech startups and SMBs are growing faster with Jugglehire.

JuggleHire: your all-in-one hiring toolkit

15,000 of the best JuggleHire equips your agency with everything you need to streamline your hiring process and build a winning team. Here's what you get:

Easy Job Posting

Custom Form Builder

Screening Filter

Candidate inbox

Schedule interview

Team Collaboration

Tags for Candidate profile

Notes on Candidate Profile

Customizable Hiring Pipeline

Built-in Email Communication

Beautiful Career Page

Custom Domain

Saved Email Templates

3rd Party Integration

Candidate Previous History

Interview Checklist

Candidate Scoreboard

Kanban View

Candidate Sort and Filter

Talent pool

Get your answer before you begin

Frequently asked questions

JuggleHire is a comprehensive recruitment software designed to streamline the backend operations of your hiring process. It serves as a collaborative tool with a range of powerful features. Learn more.

Yes, we offer a 14-day free trial with our subscription plans.

No, we do not require credit card information to access the free trial. It is available to all users without needing a credit card.

JuggleHire is designed to be user-friendly, but we also provide numerous video tutorials covering its most popular features and use cases. You can find them here.

JuggleHire offers several integrations, including Google Calendar, Google Meet, Gmail (Google Workspace), with upcoming integrations for Zapier, Slack, and LinkedIn.

Yes, we have an affiliate program. You can learn more about it here.

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