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30% Recurring Commission

Free to join. 30% recurring commission (up to 1 year).

Created with Pixso.

Tiered payouts

Advance in our program by progressing to the next JuggleHire tier. Your rewards increase with every customer you refer.

Promotional resources

You can dive into over a hundred awesome promo things, learny guides, and cool tips. We’re rooting for your success big time! 

Reliable support

Lean on our team for support when you need it. We always have your back because our partnership is more than just an approved application

90-Day cookie window

Maximize your earnings with our generous cookie window.

How to Get Started

Step 1

Tiered payouts

Once you apply to the program, we'll review your application and contact you within 2-3 business days.

Step 2

Customize settings

Embed your affiliate links in relevant content. Leverage our resource center, marketing materials, and team along with your expertise to effortlessly promote JuggleHire.

Step 3

Get paid and grow

Earn revenue share for every qualifying customer you refer. As your performance increases, we’ll bump you up to the next tier level which means you get more rewards!

Are you a good fit?

JuggleHire Affiliate Program is designed for creators seeking to monetize their work and assist global businesses in their growth. We welcome partnerships with:


​​Digital educator

You help grown-up business folks learn stuff on the internet and other smart stuff.


SaaS reviewer

You provide in-depth reviews of various business solutions.


Content creator

You spread your business know-how by creating engaging blog articles, fun YouTube videos, or a lively podcast.


Product integration

You sell themes and plugin and you could easily integrate JuggleHire with your product.

Affiliate Terms & Conditions

Here’s everything you need to know about the JuggleHire affiliate program, without any legal jargon or hidden rules!

Affiliate Approval: All new affiliate sign-ups are subject to approval. We reserve the right to reject any application at our discretion.

Cookie Duration: Our affiliate tracking cookies last for 90 days. If a customer signs up within this period after clicking your affiliate link, you will receive credit for the referral.

Practices Leading to a Ban: Any form of abuse, inappropriate content, or misleading behavior (i.e. posting fake discounts on coupon websites or promoting the product via pornographic content), will result in a permanent ban from our affiliate program.

Spam Prohibition: Affiliates must not use unsolicited commercial email (spam) to promote our service. Any affiliate found to be engaging in spam will be immediately banned from the program.

Advertising Restrictions: Affiliates are not allowed to run search engine ads, particularly on branded terms or domain names, or Facebook/Adroll ads that could conflict with our own marketing efforts and create customer confusion.

No Impersonation: Affiliates must not impersonate our company or claim to act on our behalf, such as pretending to be an employee.

Self-Referrals Not Allowed: Affiliates are not permitted to sign up for our service using their own affiliate links.

Terms of Service Changes: We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions for our affiliate program at any time.

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