Top 6 Zoho Recruit Alternatives in 2024

Zoho Recruit Alternatives
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Zoho Recruit is a long-standing applicant tracking system (ATS). It is a popular choice for staffing agencies and small to mid-sized businesses. 

While its feature list has expanded over time, users have reported frustrations with limited technical support and it’s not being user-friendly. Also, the fact that additional features need to be bought separately as add-ons.

But, don’t worry because if you’re considering another ATS solution, we have compiled some great options for you! Let’s dive into the top 6 Zoho Recruit alternatives with this guide.

Criteria that We’re Going to Consider to Evaluate the Alternatives

In our evaluation process, we assessed the key features and aspects of recruitment software. Here’s a list of the features we considered:

  • User experience: The software should be easy to navigate and understand, allowing users to perform tasks efficiently without extensive training.
  • Job Posting Management: Look for features that allow you to post jobs to multiple job boards and social media platforms with a few clicks, track applications, and manage the entire recruitment process from a single platform.
  • Filtering Capabilities: Ensure the ability to efficiently filter candidates based on various criteria such as skills, experience, and education. It is essential for managing large volumes of applicants and identifying the best fits quickly.
  • ATS Efficiency: The core functionality of an ATS lies in its ability to track and manage applicants through the entire recruitment process. Look for a system that can automate workflows, provide timely reminders, and ensure no candidate falls through the cracks.
  • Integration Capabilities: Good recruitment software should integrate seamlessly with other tools you use, such as email platforms, social media, and HR systems, to streamline your processes.
  • Exceptional Customer Support: Ensure the provider offers responsive and helpful customer support to assist you with any issues or questions.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Evaluate the software’s pricing structure to ensure it provides value for money and fits within your budget, considering any additional costs for extra features or users.
  • Collaboration Tools: Look for features that facilitate collaboration among your hiring team, enabling them to share feedback and make decisions together, are crucial.
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics: Access to data and insights is crucial for optimizing your recruitment process. Look for software that provides detailed reports and analytics.

Why You Should Look for Zoho Recruit Alternatives

This is a screenshot that shows a girl is sitting with her laptop and looking for Zoho Recruit alternatives.

Before we delve into Zoho Recruit alternatives, let’s briefly consider its key advantages and disadvantages. It will make it more clear why we should consider alternatives to Zoho Recruit.

Zoho Recruit Advantages

  • Price: Zoho Recruit’s competitive pricing is a major selling point, often attracting budget-conscious businesses. They even offer a free plan suitable for testing the software.
  • Integration with Zoho ecosystem: Existing users of other Zoho software enjoy single sign-on access and cost savings by utilizing Zoho Recruit within the ecosystem.
  • Built-in resume formatting: This feature is particularly valuable for staffing agencies, streamlining the resume review process.
  • Information-rich interface: While some users find the abundance of information on one screen overwhelming, others appreciate the comprehensive overview it provides. 

Zoho Recruit Shortcomings

  • Aimed for large enterprises: Zoho Recruit primarily caters to larger companies and might not be the best solution for those looking to hire less than 15 people per year.
  • Mobile accessibility concerns: Zoho Recruit’s mobile experience falls short in one key area. That is direct candidate communication. The platform lacks the functionality to send direct messages to candidates through the mobile app.
  • Limited feature set: Zoho Recruit’s core features may not be sufficient for advanced needs, requiring additional paid add-ons.
  • Website usability: The website is not optimized for mobile devices, potentially hindering user experience and productivity on the go.
  • Slow customer support: While Zoho Recruit offers customer support, users have reported delays and a lack of proactive assistance, which can be frustrating and impede timely problem resolution.

Zoho Recruit Pricing

 Zoho Recruits pricing starts at $25 per month. It can go up to $75 for enterprise plan.

By weighing these pros and cons against your specific needs and preferences, you can determine if Zoho Recruit is the right fit. 

1. JuggleHire

This is a screenshot that shows the landing page of jugglehire as one of the Zoho Recruit alternatives

JuggleHire is a cloud-based applicant tracking system (ATS) designed to help small to medium-sized businesses manage their hiring process more efficiently. 

It offers a comprehensive set of features that can help you automate tasks, track your progress and make better hiring decisions.

JuggleHire Advantages

  • Efficient resume management: JuggleHire automatically parses contact information from uploaded resumes, saving time on manual data entry.
  • Task creation: Assign specific tasks to candidates during different recruitment stages, facilitating early identification of top talent.
  • Enhanced collaboration: Share notes and scores with your team directly within the platform for informed discussions and decision-making.
  • Extensive feature Set: JuggleHire goes beyond recruitment, offering features like onboarding, attendance tracking, performance reviews and more, supporting your HR needs throughout the employee lifecycle.
  • Responsive customer support: JuggleHire boasts a reliable and responsive customer support team, readily available to answer questions and assist with any issues. The live chat option is particularly helpful for users needing immediate assistance.
  • Simple and user-friendly: Even non-technical users can easily navigate the platform and manage their hiring process.
  • Affordable: JuggleHire offers competitive pricing plans designed to fit the budgets of small businesses and startups.
  • Free trial: You can test-drive JuggleHire with a free trial to see if it’s the right fit for you.
  • Mobile app: Manage your recruitment process on the go with the JuggleHire mobile app.
  • Customize your workflow: JuggleHire adapts to your unique needs. Design a workflow that matches your existing hiring process, allowing you to track candidates efficiently through all stages.

JuggleHire Shortcomings

  • Limited features: JuggleHire may not offer some of the advanced features found in other ATS solutions.
  • May not be ideal for large companies: JuggleHire may not be suitable for companies with large hiring volumes or complex recruitment needs.

JuggleHire Pricing

JuggleHire is currently offering free access to everyone! This is a great opportunity to try out the platform, with access to all of the features and see how it can benefit your business.

2. Recruiteze

This is a screenshot that shows two person smiling and discussing about Zoho Recruit alternatives.

Recruiteze is an applicant tracking software specifically designed with small businesses and staffing agencies in mind. It’s built to be both affordable and efficient, saving recruiters valuable time and resources. 

Imagine managing your job postings, candidates and applications all in one place, with an interface that’s easy to learn and navigate. That’s what Recruiteze offers.

Recruiteze Advantages

  • Integrated email: Like Zoho’s “integrate your inbox” feature? Recruiteze lets you seamlessly connect your email to the platform, allowing you to send and receive emails directly from the software.
  • iReformat magic: Recruiteze’s iReformat is a staffing agency’s dream come true. This resume formatting tool lets you format dozens of resumes in seconds, exactly the way you want them.
  • Modern and intuitive UI: Forget cluttered interfaces and overwhelming information overload. Recruiteze’s modern and intuitive UI makes navigation effortless, saving you time and frustration. Information is presented clearly and concisely, allowing you to find what you need in seconds.
  • Effective management: Keep all candidate, client, and hiring manager communications centralized with built-in CRM functionalities. This ensures everyone stays informed and aligned throughout the hiring process.
  • Scale with ease: Recruiteze automates tedious tasks, freeing you from administrative burdens. Focus your energy on what matters most: building relationships with clients and candidates and creating a positive experience for everyone involved.

Recruiteze Shortcomings

  • Mainly built for small businesses: Recruiteze is primarily designed for small to medium businesses. It may not offer all the features and scalability needed for some larger organizations.

Recruiteze Pricing

Recruiteze offers three pricing plans: Essentials, Pro and Enterprise. Pricing starts at $49 per month. It also offers a 15-day free trial.

3. Manatal

This is a screenshot that shows two girls shaking hands in the homepage of Manatal as one of the Zoho Recruit alternatives

Manatal is an easy-to-use applicant tracking system designed for both staffing agencies and in-house recruitment teams. However, its features and pricing are best suited for medium and large companies.

Manatal Advantages

  • LinkedIn integration: This allows you to import skills directly from candidates’ LinkedIn profiles and easily find and import potential applicants using the Manatal Chrome extension.
  • Organized interface: Manatal boasts a clean and intuitive interface and a well-structured database, making navigation easy and efficient. Drag-and-drop candidate management further optimizes your workflow.
  • Competitive pricing: Manatal offers exceptional value for all type of companies, providing core features like candidate sourcing and onboarding at an affordable price.
  • AI-powered features: Manatal’s AI tools score and recommend candidates based on your job descriptions, saving time and improving decision-making. Remember to be aware of potential AI bias.
  • Continuous innovation: Manatal actively updates and refines its software, ensuring you have access to the latest features and enhancements.

Manatal Shortcomings

  • Limited resume imports: Importing only 1,000 resumes at a time can be inconvenient for larger agencies with multiple campaigns running simultaneously. Though Manatal allows multiple mass imports, this workaround isn’t ideal and delays the process.
  • Per-user pricing: Manatal’s per-user pricing model can become expensive for large teams, especially when adding custom features.

Manatal Pricing

It offers three pricing plans along with a 14-day free trial. Pricing starts at $15 per month. 

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4. Workable

This is a screenshot that shows the homage of Workable where two people smiling at laptop awhile searching for zoho recruit alternatives

Workable claims to be a universal hiring solution for all types of organizations. They state that their services are equally helpful to both tech-savvy and traditional businesses.

However, based on our research and user feedback, it appears to be a better fit for tech-savvy businesses and IT companies seeking advanced features like AI recruitment, mobile applications and video interviewing.

Workable Advantages

  • AI recruiter: This powerful tool identifies and recommends qualified candidates based on specific criteria like skills, industry, experience and location. While Workable’s AI is generally effective, manual candidate review is still recommended.
  • Mobile app: Workable’s mobile app allows you to manage your recruitment process on the go, making it ideal for busy recruiters.
  • Career page builder: Create and customize attractive career pages directly within the platform. Pre-built templates are also available for easy setup.
  • Video recruiting: Workable offers native video interviews, facilitating remote hiring. You can even create AI-generated interviews for added convenience.

Workable Shortcomings

  • Cost: Workable can be expensive, especially as you upgrade for additional features. Consider your budget and hiring needs carefully before committing.
  • Blind hiring: Workable doesn’t natively support blind hiring. While customer support can help work around this limitation, it may involve additional costs.
  • Pricing concerns: Somformer users reported feeling overcharged for features they didn’t utilize.

Workable Pricing

It offers three pricing plans: starter, standard and premium. Starting price is $149 per month.

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5. Bullhorn

This is a screenshot that shows two girls smiling at their laptop looking for zoho recruit alternatives

Bullhorn combines a powerful applicant tracking system (ATS) and customer relationship management (CRM) specifically designed for staffing and recruiting agencies. 

Its customizable features streamline operations, enhance collaboration and ensure a positive candidate experience.

Bullhorn Advantages

  • Resume management: Bullhorn automatically parses contact information from uploaded resumes, saving time on manual data entry.
  • Enhanced collaboration: Share notes and scores with your team directly within the platform for informed discussions and decision-making.
  • Effective candidate communication: Utilize email templates and notification/alert features to keep candidates informed and engaged throughout the process.
  • Extensive integrations: Bullhorn integrates seamlessly with social media platforms, job boards and email marketing tools, further simplifying your workflow.

Bullhorn Shortcomings

  • No free trial: Bullhorn only offers a live demo, not a free trial, making hands-on testing and evaluation of features and plans difficult.
  • Complexity: The sheer number of customizable features may intimidate new users and some reports indicate insufficient training and documentation for a smooth onboarding experience.
  • Storage concerns: Compared to other ATS options, Bullhorn’s data storage capacity can be restrictive for agencies with a large candidate pool.
  • Non-transparent pricing: Obtaining pricing information for Bullhorn’s paid plans requires requesting a quote, adding an extra step to the decision-making process.

Bullhorn Pricing

Bullhorn offers four paid plans: Team, Corporate, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus. However, pricing details are only available upon request.

6. WebHR

This is a screenshot that shows a girl standing with her laptop and searching for Zoho Recruit alternatives

WebHR is a cloud-based HR platform offering a comprehensive suite of tools to manage your workforce, from recruitment to payroll and leave management. 

It empowers staffing agencies to create job postings, track applicants and conduct interviews seamlessly on one platform. 

Larger organizations can also leverage features like performance reviews and onboarding functionality to optimize their HR processes.

WebHR Advantages

  • User-friendly interface: WebHR’s intuitive interface simplifies navigation, making it easily accessible even for non-technical users. This is crucial, as WebHR isn’t solely used by HR personnel but also by the entire company.
  • Extensive feature set: WebHR goes beyond recruitment, offering features like onboarding, attendance tracking, payroll, performance reviews, and more, supporting your HR needs throughout the employee lifecycle.
  • Detailed reporting and analytics: WebHR provides valuable insights through comprehensive reports and analytics, enabling businesses to track their HR data effectively.

WebHR Shortcomings

  • Per-employee pricing model: WebHR’s per-employee pricing structure can lead to significant costs for organizations.
  • Limited customization options: While WebHR offers a broad range of features, it lacks the level of customization available in some competing solutions.
  • Mobile compatibility: WebHR’s compatibility with mobile devices is relatively poor, an area requiring significant improvement.
  • No free trial: WebHR only offers a free demo, limiting users’ ability to personally experience the platform’s functionalities before committing.

WebHR Pricing

WebHR’s pricing structure differs slightly from other software to cater to organizations of various sizes. They charge a fee of $2 per employee per month, making the total cost dependent on your company’s size.

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Zoho Recruit Alternatives – Comparison Table

Targeted Business SizeSMBs, Staffing AgenciesSmall Businesses, Staffing AgenciesMedium to Large CompaniesTech-Savy Businesses, Larger OrganizationsStaffing and Recruiting AgenciesAll Sizes
Standout FeaturesEfficient resume management, task creationIntegrated email, iReformatLinkedIn integration, AI-powered featuresAI recruiter, Mobile appResume management, Enhanced collaborationUser-friendly interface, Extensive feature set
PricingComing SoonStarts at $49/monthStarts at $15/monthStarts at $149/monthQuote-based$2 per employee per month
AdvantagesComprehensive feature set, responsive support, user-friendlyModern UI, efficient management, scale with easeOrganized interface, competitive pricing, continuous innovationPowerful AI tools, video recruiting, career page builderExtensive integrations, effective communicationDetailed reporting, comprehensive HR suite
ShortcomingsLimited advanced features, may not suit large companiesPrimarily for SMBs, may lack features for larger organizationsLimited resume imports, per-user pricing model can be expensiveHigh cost, lacks blind hiring supportNo free trial, can be complex for new users, storage concernsPer-employee pricing model, limited customization, poor mobile compatibility

So, Which One is the Best Zoho Recruit Alternative?

We didn’t come all the way here just to leave you without an actionable conclusion. Here are condensed takeaways for each option:

1. JuggleHire: Tailored for SMBs and staffing agencies, JuggleHire is feature-rich, cost-effective and user-friendly recruitment software.

2. Recruiteze: Tailored for small businesses, Recruiteze boasts ease of use and a feature-rich platform.

3. Manatal: Ideal for large enterprises, Manatal provides a comprehensive ATS solution with robust functionality.

4. Workable: This tech-savvy solution offers a user-friendly interface and powerful features, making it ideal for larger organizations.

5. Bullhorn: Packed with features, Bullhorn delivers a robust platform for managing both candidates and clients.

6. WebHR: This comprehensive HR suite includes a powerful ATS module alongside other essential HR functions.

Wrapping up the Zoho Recruit Alternatives

Hope you have already gone through this detailed guide to choosing the right Zoho Recruit alternative. Ultimately, the right choice will depend on your company’s specific needs, budget, and the features you value most in an applicant tracking system.

So, choose the one that suits your requirements the best.

Also, if you have any other alternative software in mind that we may have missed, feel free to let us know in the comment box below.

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