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JuggleHire: your all-in-one hiring toolkit

15,000 of the best JuggleHire equips your agency with everything you need to streamline your hiring process and build a winning team. Here's what you get:

Easy Job Posting

Custom Form Builder

Screening Filter

Candidate inbox

Schedule interview

Team Collaboration

Tags for Candidate profile

Notes on Candidate Profile

Customizable Hiring Pipeline

Built-in Email Communication

Beautiful Career Page

Custom Domain

Saved Email Templates

3rd Party Integration

Candidate Previous History

Interview Checklist

Candidate Scoreboard

Kanban View

Candidate Sort and Filter

Talent pool

A Powerful Tool To Hire Great Employees!

Our tool streamlines every aspect of your hiring process, ensuring you attract and hire the best candidates.

Auto Collect Candidate Information Through Built-In Form Builder

Simplify Application Process, Attract More Candidates

Filter Irrelevant Candidates
on The Fly

Find the Perfect Fit Faster with Powerful Filtering

Send Emails From Your Company-Branded Email

Build Trust and Professionalism with Branded Communication

Collaborate With Your Team
For Smooth Hiring Operation

Simplify Application Process, Attract More Candidates

Easily Schedule Interviews in
Person or Online

Schedule Interviews Like a Pro – Online or In-Person

Customizable Career Page to
Attract Top Talent

Showcase Your Agency & Attract the Best with a Customized Career Page

Trusted by Successful Companies Globally

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A Solution for Every Business!

In this fast-paced world, finding the right talent quickly is crucial. JuggleHire's intuitive platform helps companies Smooth their hiring process.

Digital Agencies

Hire your proper candidate digitally using JuggleHire. From start to finish, seamlessly manage every step in one platform.

Growing Tech Startups

Get all the people you need to boom your venture in a place. Find the best members to join your team with JuggleHire without wasting any of your valuable seconds.

Consultancy Firms

Gain insights and refine your hiring strategy with our powerful platform. Sort candidates to schedule meetings, and find everything in one place with JuggleHire.

Marketing Firms

Find the best creative and strategic talent easily. Get exposure to a wider audience and strain out your perfect candidate with custom pipeline stages on JuggleHire.

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Frequently asked questions

LTD stands for Lifetime Deal, which is a one-time purchase offering lifetime access to our services.

An LTD (Lifetime Deal) is a one-time purchase that grants you lifetime access. You can purchase available plans [here] and activate your license from the billing page.

A collaborator is a user from your team. We have two roles for collaborators: Recruiter and Admin. Admins have access to everything except billing. Recruiters can be added to specific jobs as collaborators.

JuggleHire is designed to be user-friendly, but we also provide numerous video tutorials covering its most popular features and use cases. You can find them here.

Yes, we offer a 14-day free trial with our subscription plans.

JuggleHire offers several integrations, including Google Calendar, Google Meet, Gmail (Google Workspace), with upcoming integrations for Zapier, Slack, and LinkedIn.

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