JuggleHire vs VivaHR: Which Recruitment Software to Choose?

JuggleHire vs VivaHR
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Choosing the right recruitment software is a game changer for any business eager to streamline its hiring process. JuggleHire and VivaHR are top contenders in the field, each offering powerful tools to attract and manage top talent. 

No matter if you need advanced AI-driven matching or extensive job distribution, both platforms provide compelling benefits. However, it often gets confusing as to which to choose depending on your specific needs. So, understanding the strengths and differences of these platforms is key. 

In this article, we do exactly that. We aim to clear your confusion on which one to choose between JuggleHire vs VivaHR. Read on to discover which software aligns best with your recruitment goals and can help you secure the ideal candidates efficiently. 

An Overview of JuggleHire

An Overview of JuggleHire

JuggleHire has transformed the recruitment industry since it started. Its goal is to make hiring easier and more efficient using advanced technology. This helps companies focus on top candidates without dealing with manual tasks.

Core Features of JuggleHire

Here’s the list of all the core features of JuggleHire:

AI-Driven Candidate Matching

JuggleHire uses advanced AI algorithms to match candidates with jobs accurately. This reduces the time spent on manual screening by identifying the best candidates based on their skills and job fit. VivaHR doesn’t explicitly mention AI-powered matching

Integration with Popular HR Platforms

JuggleHire integrates smoothly with well-known HR tools like Slack, Google Calendar, and Zoom. This helps keep the recruitment process seamless, making it easier to schedule, communicate, and manage candidates.

Professional Job Posting Templates

JuggleHire provides easy-to-use templates for creating job postings. These templates help businesses create appealing and professional job descriptions to attract top talent.

Video Interview Capabilities

JuggleHire’s video interview features are essential in today’s remote work environment. They allow recruiters to conduct interviews effectively, no matter where the candidate is located.

Customizable Hiring Workflows

JuggleHire offers flexible workflows that can be customized to any organization’s hiring process. This ensures businesses can keep their preferred hiring practices while using JuggleHire’s advanced tools.

Built-In Communication Tools

Effective communication is crucial in recruitment. JuggleHire has built-in tools that make it easy to communicate with candidates clearly and efficiently.

Flexible Pricing Plans

JuggleHire has various pricing plans, including a free version. This makes it accessible for businesses of all sizes. As your business grows, JuggleHire’s scalable solutions continue to meet your recruitment needs.

An Overview of VivaHR

An Overview of VivaHR

VivaHR is a recruiting software designed to help small businesses hire great employees. It works like an applicant tracking system, but with a marketing twist. VivaHR helps you spread your job postings to many websites and keeps track of all the people who apply. They even have tools to help you create a great company image online, so you can attract the best talent!

Core Features of VivaHR

Here’s the list of all the core features of VivaHR:

Widespread Job Distribution 

VivaHR simplifies job posting with a one-click solution for over 50 job boards. This significantly expands your reach and attracts a wider pool of qualified candidates who might not have found your openings otherwise.

Advanced Candidate Tracking

VivaHR offers an advanced candidate tracking system that helps manage candidate information and track their progress through the hiring stages. It simplifies the way teams monitor and engage with candidates throughout the recruitment cycle.

Candidate Relationship Management (CRM)

VivaHR acts as the central hub for managing candidate interactions. You can effortlessly track applications, review resumes, and send personalized messages. This keeps candidates engaged throughout the process and builds positive relationships, even with those who aren’t selected. 

Automated Workflow Customization

Users can customize workflows to automate routine tasks, from sending emails to updating candidate statuses. This automation saves time and reduces manual effort, allowing recruiters to focus on more strategic aspects of hiring.

Professional Job Posting Templates

VivaHR provides user-friendly templates to create professional and attractive job postings. However, the focus might be less prominent.

Engaging Career Page Builder 

VivaHR empowers you to create a professional and informative careers page on your company website. This serves as a vital online presence to showcase your employer brand and company culture. With user-friendly templates, you can highlight job openings, share employee testimonials, and provide valuable insights about your work environment. 

Collaborative Hiring Tools 

VivaHR acknowledges that hiring decisions are often collaborative. They provide internal communication tools for team members to share candidate feedback, discuss interview results, and work together towards informed hiring decisions. This fosters a collaborative environment and ensures everyone is on the same page throughout the process.

Communication Tools

VivaHR includes built-in communication tools that facilitate smooth interaction between recruiters and candidates. However, the emphasis might be on candidate relationship management.

Comparison Table between JuggleHire Vs VivaHR: 

Here’s a brief comparison between JuggleHire and VivaHR, including all their key features:

FeatureJuggleHire VivaHR
AI-Driven Candidate Matching YesNo
Seamless Integration with HR platforms YesNo
Professional Job Posting TemplatesYesYes
Video Interview CapabilitiesYesNo
Customizable Hiring WorkflowsYesYes
Built-In Communication ToolsYesYes
24/7 Responsive Customer Support YesNo (Business Hours only)
Extensive Job Distribution YesYes
Extensive Reporting Capabilities YesYes
CostPaid plans start at $89/month Paid plans start at $89/month 

JuggleHire Vs VivaHR: Core Features Comparison

In this section, we will compare all the key features of JuggleHire and VivaHR. Go through them carefully to understand the features of both the software. This will make it easier for you to choose one.

AI-Driven Candidate Matching

  • JuggleHire leverages advanced AI technology to match candidates with suitable jobs efficiently. This technology significantly reduces the time recruiters spend on manual screening, focusing instead on candidates who best fit the job requirements.
  • VivaHR lacks AI-driven matching capabilities, which means it does not prioritize the same level of precision in candidate-job alignment. Instead, it relies on broader candidate engagement and management strategies.

Integration Capabilities

  • JuggleHire integrates seamlessly with popular HR platforms like Slack, Google Calendar, and Zoom. These integrations help maintain a smooth flow in the recruitment process, making scheduling and communication with candidates easier.
  • VivaHR does not specifically highlight its integration capabilities. Its primary focus is on job distribution, which suggests a different approach to streamlining recruitment activities, possibly less integrated with other business tools.

Job Posting and Advertising

  • JuggleHire provides professionally designed job posting templates. These templates are crafted to attract top-tier candidates by making job descriptions more appealing and professional.
  • VivaHR also offers job posting templates but excels in job distribution, pushing job listings to over 50 job boards with a single click. This extensive reach is ideal for attracting a diverse pool of candidates.

Video Interviewing

  • JuggleHire includes video interviewing capabilities, which are crucial for conducting remote interviews effectively. This feature allows businesses to engage with candidates who are not in the same geographic location, expanding the talent pool.
  • VivaHR does not offer video interviewing, which might limit its effectiveness in today’s increasingly remote work environment.

Customization and Workflows

  • JuggleHire allows businesses to customize their hiring workflows extensively. This customization enables companies to adapt the software to their existing hiring processes without compromising their specific needs.
  • VivaHR focuses on automating routine tasks within the recruitment process through customizable workflows. This automation helps save time and reduces the need for manual intervention, allowing teams to focus on more strategic tasks.

Communication and Relationship Management

  • JuggleHire features built-in tools for efficient communication with candidates. These tools ensure clear and timely interactions throughout the hiring process.
  • VivaHR emphasizes candidate relationship management and collaborative hiring tools. It provides features for internal team communication and effective candidate engagement, fostering positive interactions and streamlined decision-making.

Pricing and Accessibility

  • JuggleHire offers a variety of pricing plans, including a free version. These plans make it accessible to businesses of all sizes and ensure scalability as the company grows.
  • VivaHR targets small businesses primarily, suggesting that its pricing and features are designed to be accessible and beneficial for smaller operations, although specific pricing details are not provided.

Customer Support and Resources

  • JuggleHire:

JuggleHire excels in customer support with a variety of options available to help users efficiently. It offers 24/7 live chat support, ensuring that any issues can be addressed promptly at any time. 

Additionally, JuggleHire provides extensive online resources including tutorials and FAQs, which are regularly updated to cover all user needs. The company also conducts regular webinars to educate users about new features and best practices in recruitment.

  • VivaHR:

While offering reliable support through email and phone, VivaHR focuses more on a self-service model with a comprehensive knowledge base that includes articles and how-to guides. Live support is more limited compared to JuggleHire.

JuggleHire vs VivaHR Pricing Plans:


  • Free Version: Available, includes core features like job posting, applicant tracking, and communication tools. Limited to 2 active jobs, 50 candidates, and 2 team members.
  • Standard Plan: $35/month, includes everything in Free plus 5 active jobs, 5 integrations, and the ability to invite up to 5 users.
  • Exclusive Plan: $70/month, includes everything in Standard plus unlimited jobs, 20 Active Jobs, up to 20 collaborators, all Integration, 100% white label (upcoming).


  • Free Plan: Available
  • Starter Plan: $89/month
  • Essential Plan: Price $119/month
  • Grow Plan: Price $179/month
  • Pro Plan: $279/month

Customer Reviews and Feedback

  • JuggleHire:

Users generally praise JuggleHire for its ease of use and efficient customer support. Many reviewers highlight the user-friendly interface that makes navigation simple for all users, regardless of their tech expertise. They also appreciate the 24/7 live chat support, which ensures they receive help whenever needed. 

Another frequently mentioned positive is the AI-driven candidate matching feature, which users say significantly speeds up the recruitment process by accurately matching candidates with job openings.

  • VivaHR:

Gets positive feedback for its user-friendly interface and excellent job distribution network. While generally appreciated for its functionality, some users express the need for more robust features like AI-driven tools, which are present in JuggleHire. 

Feedback also suggests that while customer support is helpful, the response times can vary, especially outside of regular business hours.

JuggleHire Vs VivaHR: Pros and Cons

JuggleHire Vs VivaHR: Pros and Cons

These pros and cons outline the strengths and weaknesses of both JuggleHire and VivaHR, providing a basis for users to decide which tool better suits their organizational needs.

Pros of JuggleHire

  • Easy to Use: JuggleHire has a user-friendly interface that makes navigation simple.
  • 24/7 Support: Offers round-the-clock customer support to help users anytime.
  • Flexible Integrations: Integrates well with major HR platforms, enhancing workflow efficiency.
  • Adaptable Workflows: Provides highly customizable workflows that fit various business needs.
  • Cost-Effective: Includes a free version, making it accessible for startups and small businesses.

Cons of JuggleHire

  • Limited Advanced Features: While great for basic functions, it may lack some advanced features larger enterprises need.

Pros of VivaHR 

  • Extensive Job Distribution: Distributes job postings to over 50 job boards with a single click, significantly increasing the visibility of job listings.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed to be simple and intuitive, making it easy for users to navigate and manage recruitment tasks.
  • Automated Workflow Customization: Allows users to automate routine tasks, enhancing efficiency and saving time.
  • Strong CRM Capabilities: Excellent candidate relationship management helps maintain engagement and builds a positive hiring brand.

Cons of VivaHR

  • No AI Matching: Lacks AI-driven candidate matching, which could result in less precise job-candidate alignments.
  • Limited Video Interviewing Tools: Does not offer video interviewing, which could be a disadvantage in a remote-first hiring environment.
  • Limited Integration Capabilities: Fewer integration options may lead to a less seamless workflow, especially for larger organizations that use a variety of tools.

Our Verdict on JuggleHire vs VivaHR

When deciding between JuggleHire and VivaHR, the choice largely depends on the specific needs and scale of your business.

JuggleHire is an excellent option for startups and small to medium-sized businesses that prioritize ease of use, affordability, and effective basic functionalities. Its 24/7 customer support and user-friendly interface make it a highly accessible platform for those new to recruitment software or businesses without a dedicated IT team. 

The availability of a free version and flexible pricing plans makes JuggleHire particularly attractive to companies with limited budgets looking for scalable recruitment solutions.

VivaHR, on the other hand, stands out for small businesses or those just beginning to formalize their hiring processes. It simplifies job posting with its one-click distribution to over 50 job boards, making it an ideal choice for those looking to maximize their reach without a complex setup. Its focus on candidate relationship management helps keep applicants engaged, which is crucial for smaller teams.

However, the lack of AI-driven tools and limited video interviewing capabilities might be a drawback for businesses looking to streamline and modernize their hiring processes extensively.

In summary, choose VivaHR if you prioritize simplicity, broad job distribution, and are working with a tighter budget or smaller scale. 

Choose JuggleHire if your business seeks advanced recruitment technology and needs to handle complex hiring efficiently. 

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JuggleHire Vs VivaHR: Wrapping Up

In wrapping up the comparison between JuggleHire vs VivaHR, it’s clear both platforms serve different needs effectively.

JuggleHire is ideal for businesses looking for advanced technology and seamless integration, perfect for medium to large companies. VivaHR, with its strong focus on broad job distribution and candidate engagement, suits small businesses or those starting to streamline their hiring processes.

Both options offer scalable solutions, so your choice should align with your specific business goals and recruitment needs.

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